Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Organisational Stuff

Dear visitors!
Some organisational stuff:

1) For those of you looking for news about new openings or closures of the perfume stores around the world, as well as articles about the stores - you're welcome to follow YPG on Facebook. Unfortunately I am not successful to publish these news at YPG blog in time, so it's easier for me to make reposts/publish short entries on Facebook.

Besides these entries are published on the YPG' Facebook page as well:
- links about the stores, which were opened not just recently but also longer time ago, which however I've discovered just now.
- Sometimes I also put news about any promotions or sales at different stores, online and offline. However this kind of news are not that often, because I don't backtrack it on purpose, but just in case I stumble upon it.

Your Perfume Guide on Facebook.

2) I remind you that I regularly update all of the entries on this blog. As a rule it happens every 2-3 months, and accordingly every 2 months for bigger touristic cities (such as Paris, London, Berlin et). Some sections (such as ski resorts or seaside resorts) are updated up to the season. F.e. ski resorts are updated pretty often in winter months, but not in sommer months :)

3) I also wanted to put your attention on the renewed google maps - new google maps' engine is much more convenient and easy to use. Some of the cities are still placed on old GM, but I give my best to import all the data to the new system as soon as possible.


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