Saturday, 19 January 2013

Belle Rebelle in Berlin

Source: Cosmoty

I really love Berlin for its amazing perfume stores; it hast pretty much everything what a perfume friend can wish, ranging from conceptual spacious Breathe and The Corner to tiny and chaotic The Different Scent, from posh Quartier 206 to cozy 1000&1 Seife. Niche brands are completely covered by the Berlin' stores.

There's one more perfume boutique which was recently opened in Charlottenburg. Belle Rebelle is located at the cool Bleibtreustrasse 42 (I just love the street for its buildings!) Brands, stocked there, are Agonist, Byredo, Carthusia, Carner, Eight & Bob, Fornasetti, Humiecki & Graf, Heeley, J.F. SCHWARZLOSE, Jovoy, Keiko Mecheri, Laura Mercier, Linari, Mona di Orio, Maria Lux, Nasomatto, Profumum Roma, Ulrich Lang. Online shop is to follow soon.

Some other great stores, like Delfi or Douglas, are near at hand, placed at perpendicular Kurfurstendamm.

There's a small interview with the owner of the boutique at Vogue (in German) You can also check out the Facebook page of the store.

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