Sunday, 2 December 2012

New store in Bruxelles

Source: Parfum d'Ambre

As munumu reports, there's a new store which was recently opened in Bruxelles.
Parfum d'Ambre is located at Rue du Bailli, 45, pretty close to Av. Louise and thus to Senteurs d'Ailleurs and Absolut’ly. Brands, offered there, are Antonio VISCONTI, ATELIER COLOGNE, biehl.parfumkunstwerke, Carthusia, Frapin, Linari, Lubin, NOBILE 1942, OFFICINA DELLE ESSENZE, OLFACTIVE STUDIO, ROMEA D'AMEOR, TEO CABANEL.

Please read more HERE. By the way, I strongly recommend this website for whose living/visiting Belgium - munumu has amazing and detailled perfume city guides for Bruxelles and Antwerp.

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