Monday, 2 July 2012

Ormonde Jayne in Germany & Ortigia in Rome

Source: Ludwig Beck
Some news about upcoming stores and retail locations:

  • Until then Beauty Affair in Dusseldorf was the only german store which has sold the perfumes of Ormonde Jayne. By now the brand is launching another 4 retail locations in Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt.
    The stores will be announced soon. For sure is, the location for Munich is Ludwig Beck and for Hamburg - Harald Lubner.

  • Ortigia is about to open its first store in >Rome. It will be located it Via Vittoria 25, which is by the way close to Campomarzio70.

    UPD: The stockist for Ormonde Jayne in Frankfurt is Albrecht (Goethestr. 27 & Grosse Bockenheimerstr. 37)
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