Monday, 23 July 2012

New Stores in Torino

Source: Tiphare @ Facebook
Updating the Torino' section, I came across some small perfumery Tiphare, which I haven't known yet. It's located just very next to the one and only Maitre Parfumeur. Even if Tiphare can't really keep with this one, concerning the selection of the brands, there's still a good choice of niche perfumes, such as Acqua dell'Elba, Acca Kappa, Borsari, Czech & Speak, Caron, Carthusia, Esteban, Gianna Rose atelier, Jean Charles Brousseau, Morgane le Fay, Nasomatto, Nez a Nez, Profumi del forte, SoOud, The Hype Noses.

The perfumery is located at Via Monferrato 3. They also have an Facebook' account, which however hasn't been updated for several months (I hope, not because of close-down of the store :-) )

I would also like to pay attention to some new stores, recently added to the list. First of all, there's a great store L'ARCADE DES PARFUMS, which is located at Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 74. Brands, sold there, are Bond No 9, BLOOD Concept, Histoires de Parfums La Maison de la Vanille, Ligne St Barth and Profumi del Forte.

Recently there's also Farmacia SS Annunziata boutique, which was opened in place of Floris profumi' store, at Via Andrea Doria 4.

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