Monday, 8 April 2013

Washington DC, USA

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  1. Updates as of 6/25/13:

    The Bellacara in Alexandria Old Town doesn't carry L'Artisan or Caswell-Massey. They have a few Creeds.

    There is no store called Art with Flowers in the Tyson's Galleria. Maybe it went out of business?

    The Saks Fifth Avenue in Tyson's Galleria has By Kilian.

    Le Village Marche in Arlington only has the clear bottle Tokyo Milk collection - not the black bottle ones. The Barney's in Georgetown has the black bottle Tokyo Milk collection.

    Bluemercury in Georgetown doesn't have L'Artisan.

    1. Thank you VERY MUCH!! I'll update the section immediately!
      Yes, Art with Flowers seems to be out of business now :-/

  2. Do you have any idea where in D.C. where I can smell L'Artisan Timbuktu? I keep reading about it...

  3. Le Village Marche on 2800 S. Randolph St. only carries Tokyo Milk.

  4. Chinoiserie on 1024 King Street, Alexandria - out of business.
    Classics and Country on 217 King St., Alexandria, changed their name and they no longer sell perfume.

    Lou Lou Boutique on 132 King St. in Alexandria sells Tokyo Milk products (bloack bottles and clear bottles).

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  7. Hi Daria: A visitor from Canada brought your blog to our attention. Thanks for including us! UPDATED ADDRESS for REDEEM and the MUTINY outpost inside the shop is 1810 14th Street NW.
    Thanks so much! Lori / REDEEM

  8. Can you advise if there is anywhere in Washington, D.C. or in Alexandria, VA, where I can purchase Annick Goutal perfume - Eau d'Hadrien? Thank you