Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Canary Islands, Spain

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  1. I would like to advise everyone to stay clear of Joy the perfume stores in Peurto Rico, Gran Canaria. There is two in the shopping centre, Peurto Rico which should be avoided at all costs. A few friends and I purchased perfumes and aftershaves from this store and were sold fakes. They spray the real perfume to let you smell, then they have the fakes in the boxes they sell you. We returned the perfumes to the store and were subjected to a lot of abuse and told to prove our allegations and get out of the store. I had bought £190 worth and my friends had spent £730 between them. They were also subjected to a torrent of abuse when they tried returning theirs and they even surrounded them in the store, shouting into their faces and told them to leave the store or else there would be trouble. Bizzarely they even accused them of trying to cheat the perfume shops by putting fake perfume from the U.K in the boxes and trying to get a refund. They will try and tell you that they will give you a great deal if you but more than one. This is how they dupe you and tell you its real. We met a few people when we were there who had also been sold fake perfumes from this store.

  2. Hi, please give me the name of the two store's!! Regards Han.