Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Bretagne and Normandie

Source: 35 Rue Damiette
Overhaul for places in France: I've 'full-checked' a bunch of french cities in Bretagne' and Normandie' section, as well as the perfume places in Bordeaux and Strasbourg.

Couple of new stores have been added to the list, such as 35 Rue Damiette in Rouen (with Hierbas de Ibiza, Juliette has a Gun, Linari, Lubin, Santa Maria Novella, The Different Company), new Divine' store in Nantes or La Maison du Parfum in Rennes (the only store in Bretagne and Normandie which carries the Tom Ford Private Blend' line and a lot of other niche brands as well)
There're also couple of organic stores with Florame', Melvita, Provence Sante' and Florascent production.

Please check out
  • Normandie
  • Bretagne
  • Strasbourg
  • Bordeaux
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